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Pastificio Durante is located in Urbania, Pesaro-Urbino and offers a traditional Pasta with high quality ingredients.


Pastificio Durante

Pastificio Durante

The project Pasta Durante arises in Urbania (PU), a village in the hearth of high Metauro river, noble and ancient. Pasta production is an art which needs a manufacturing through complex phases, linked by a thin balance. Every food element is selected, from the  production of  wheat Senatore Cappelli, choosen  at the origin and grown up without chemical  fertilization, to the water which is taken from Catria and Nerone mountains.
The production is handmade, like an old shop, keeps respect of a centennial tradition, cornerstone of their prodution’s philosophy. Every steps of this process is linked to others and all are fundamental; wheat quality, dough’s realization with the right humidity, bronze die plate extrusion, slow  drying, natural  cooling and manual  wrap are crucial for the realization of the best product.  Durante’s Pasta is designed and developed with homemade care with the aim of reach excellence without seeking to industrial production.

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