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PUGLIAFrantoio Oleario Sportelli located in Carosino, Taranto, in the land of Ogliarola of Lecce, Cellina of Nardo, Leccino and Coratina, produces Extravirgin Olive Oil.

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Frantoio Sportelli

Frantoio Sportelli

Frantoio Oleario Sportelli originated in an old mill or “trappeto” existing system in 1850. Oils, born only from the first pressing of olives harvested in the areas of Tarantino and the Salento by the characteristic and monumental olive groves are under the brand “Oil Mill Doors” and are intended for retail sale, only after passing a thorough examination which guarantees full respect of quality and oil tradition of the production area. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is produced from the milling of fresh olives collection mainly from Ogliarola of Lecce, Cellina of Nardo, Leccino and Coratina. These extra virgin olive oil are perfect for domestic use and the “Antirabbocco” (that prevents the refill of the bottle) make them ideal for Olive oil’s menu in restaurants. There are two different type of Sportelli’s extra virgin olive oil: fruity-light and fruity-intense, both look yellow-gold with green reflections. Sweet taste with soft and persistent perfume, bitter and spicy flavors make it perfect with all dishes, especially with fresh vegetables.

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