Nebbiolo D’Alba DOC

Nebbiolo d’ Alba is a DOC encompassing a large area around the town of Alba, situated in the region of Piedmont in north-west Italy. Granted its classification in 1970, the wines are namedafter the red grape Nebbiolo from which they are made, and the area where they are produced (Alba). This variety is considered the king of italian red grapes, profilic in the Piedmont region and the backbone of the internationally renowned DOCG wines Barolo and Barbaresco

DENOMINATION: Nebbiolo d’Alba Doc
YEAR: 2012
GRAPE VARIETY: 100 % Nebbiolo
Vine-training system: Guyot
Growing location: Alba, Diano d’Alba, Grinzane Cavour, La Morra, Monchiero, Monforte d’Alba, Montelupo Albese, Novello, Roddi, Roddino, Verduno
Soil: Siliceous-clayey
Grape-harvest: October
Max. Crop/hectare: 9 metric tons
Yield in wine: 70%
COLOR: Ruby red colour, tending to garnet
Perfume: Light and delicate with a hint of violets
TASTE: From dry to invitingly sweet, with good body and tannins when young; smooth and well-balanced
FOOD MATCH: Red meat, game meatm stewed meat, mature cheese
Wine making: De-stemming, soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation and maceration on the skins for approx. 10 days. During the maceration the must is pumped over in the dèlestage way to extract the colour and varietal aromas. After two decantation to eliminate the solid parts come the malolactic fermentation. Then the wine is matured in wooden casks of different status for 12 months, with weekly topping-up, tastings and analyses to make sure the wine is developing correctly
GLASS recommended: Ballon
AGEING: 2 years, with 1 in oak casks from France or from Slavonia and then 12 months in the bottle before being released to the market
CONSERVATION: Cold storage in fresh wine cellars


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