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Dogliotti 1870 | Vermouth

VERMOUTH 18/70 BIANCO The history of Vermouth begins in 1786 in the Marendazzo distillery in Turin. Here, distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano discovered the unique qualities of the moscato grape, and decided to use the grape to produce an aromatized wine. Vermouth proved immediately palatable to consumers, particularly to women, and over time a bitter version […]

Antica Torrefazione

Antica Torrefazione rises in 1930 in Carmagnola (TO). Today Mina family still produces and serves Coffee following tradiction and old vocation of coffee roasting. They look for new and amazing aromas combinations, dedicating most attention to the quality and the origin of their coffee.   [custom-facebook-feed]

Frantoio Sportelli

Frantoio Oleario Sportelli originated in an old mill or “trappeto” existing system in 1850. Oils, born only from the first pressing of olives harvested in the areas of Tarantino and the Salento by the characteristic and monumental olive groves are under the brand “Oil Mill Doors” and are intended for retail sale, only after passing […]

Pastificio Durante

The project Pasta Durante arises in Urbania (PU), a village in the hearth of high Metauro river, noble and ancient. Pasta production is an art which needs a manufacturing through complex phases, linked by a thin balance. Every food element is selected, from the  production of  wheat Senatore Cappelli, choosen  at the origin and grown […]

La Collina dei Sapori

Collina dei sapori is a factory farm of typical Puglia’s products entirely home-made with the desire of health. Grandparent’s methods guarantee the special production of vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, sauces, olives and extra virgin olive oil without preservatives and additives, only healthy and genuine products typically characteristic, directly from Torremaggiore (FG). Ingredients: According […]

Antico Pastificio del Gargano

Since 1972 Antico Pastificio del Gargano maintains the high quality of its traditional Pasta. Ingredients are simply durum wheat flour and spring water. The secrets of this Pasta are tradition, passion and customer’s approval. [custom-facebook-feed]

Illica Vini Biologici

In an extraordinary, tranquil and pleasant valley Illica arises and here it protects and enhances the place and environment. Pure air and fresh lands are originated by tropical seas where fossil shells cracks under your feet. The oldest vines stand out in a landscape characterized by forests, horses, ancient villages and castles. From mountains and […]

Podere Antonio Gelisi

The Podere Gelisi Antonio is a small family-run enterprise located in San Quirino, in the very heart of the Friuli Grave vine growing area, extending over 30 hectares. This area lies at 112 meters high, close to the pre-Alpine range. The territory is characterized by a particularly original landscape; a wide expanse created by the […]


Dogliotti began in 1870 in Castiglione Tinella, Piedmont with brothers Giuseppe and Marcello Dogliotti. Although their winemaking techniques are simple and artisanal, their Moscato has become the apple of the winery’s eye, receiving prestigious qualifications and gold medals at important wine competitions. When Giuseppe’s son Luigi took over the winery’s operations in 1929, he transferred […]


The Dacasto Duilio’s company is situated in Agliano Terme, in the heart of the so called Barbera d’Asti “Golden Triangle”. Always family-run and now the fifth generation,  the  estate  consists of  eight  hectares  of  vineyards, predominantly planted with Barbera, with small percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon, Arneis and Moscato. These vineyards create our wines, produced with […]


Carvinea is situated in Puglia, Italy, among the beautiful scenery of the Alto Salento countryside near Carovigno. They produce high-quality, award-winning wines that included among the finest wines of Italy. They wanted to do something different:  to produce wines from not native vines:  with  the  help of Riccardo Cotarella, worldwide known winemaker, they found how […]

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