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Illica Vini was born in Vernasca, in an extraordinary territory of Valle Ongina located in the region of High Emilia.

Eccellenze Del Gusto Vegan Qualified

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Illica Vini Biologici

In an extraordinary, tranquil and pleasant valley Illica arises and here it protects and enhances the place and environment. Pure air and fresh lands are originated by tropical seas where fossil shells cracks under your feet. The oldest vines stand out in a landscape characterized by forests, horses, ancient villages and castles. From mountains and […]


Gutturnio frizzante (sparkling) 2014 organic wine Grapes: Barbera 65%, Bonarda 35%. Barbera (historical grape of the territory) has a medium bunch, pyramidal form, quite compact, winged (150-200 gr); the berry is medium sized, elliptic, with thin and consistent skin of uniform dark-blue colour, covered by high bloom. Bonarda (historical grape of the territory too) has […]


Sparkling Rosé organic wine Grapes: Barbera Type of soils: Medium mixture, The vineyard is situated at 350 meters above sea level near the Ongina creek and in the geological Piacentian Reserve Density of plants/hectare: 3300 Vineyards age: 11 years old Harvest: The grapes are manually picked up at the beginning of September Yield per hectare: […]


Colli Piacentini passito Aromatic Malvasia di Candia dop 2013 Organic Wine Grapes: Aromatic Malvasia of Candia Historical grape from 35 years old vineyards, located at 350 meters above the sea level on the Ongina river, that provides the misty air on autumn mornings and the conditions at the end of the growing season for noble […]

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