Illica Vini Biologici


In an extraordinary, tranquil and pleasant valley Illica arises and here it protects and enhances the place and environment. Pure air and fresh lands are originated by tropical seas where fossil shells cracks under your feet. The oldest vines stand out in a landscape characterized by forests, horses, ancient villages and castles. From mountains and sea blows a healthy breeze. In Val d’Ongina the temperature range causes a unique microclimate that allows the natural biologic cultivation, in this way the chemical products are totally excluded.

Illica’s   passion   for   wines   gets   through    generations:    from    grandfather    to    his    grandchild. Bio   certification   on   grapes   lasts    already    two    decades    when    nobody    talked    about    that. Bio is a tradition for Illica.

Illica premio
Illica premio
illica premio
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