La Collina dei Sapori

La collina dei sapori

Collina dei sapori is a factory farm of typical Puglia’s products entirely home-made with the desire of health. Grandparent’s methods guarantee the special production of vegetables in extra virgin olive oil, sauces, olives and extra virgin olive oil without preservatives and additives, only healthy and genuine products typically characteristic, directly from Torremaggiore (FG). Ingredients: According to the old tradition of Antico Tavoliere di Puglia’s all the preparations are handmade, they personally choose food farming from fields and wrap them exclusively in their “PERANZANA” extrav irgin olive oil. Extravirgin olive oil Dauno DOP is produced in Foggia’s territory. It’s 70% Peranzana variety but also Coratina, l’Ogliarola, la Garganica and la Rotondella. In the area you can find different type of extra  virgin olive oil: Dauno Gargano, Dauno Sub Appennino, Dauno Basso Tavoliere and Dauno Alto Tavoliere. This unique extra virgin olive oil smells fruity and tastes sweet and harmonic


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