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VEGANQUALIFIED3Vegan qualified

Most of our products, here after marked as Vegan Qualified, have been controlled by us and only with the documented evidences they obtained our Compliance: no any ingredient and additive of animal origin have been used in the process of manufacturing.

Download the Proposal:PDF DOWNLOAD_VEG

Piemonte Chardonnay DOC Bourg

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay Production Area: Agliano Terme (Piedmont) Exposure: South est Soil composition: Calcareous marl Training system: Guyot Age of vineyard: 8 years Production per Hectare: 60 Ql/Ha Harvest period: between the end of august and the beginning of September Vinification system: selection in vineyards of the healthiest, ripest grapes collectedin 20 kg crates, […]

Monferrato White DOC Vianus Arneis

Grape Variety: 100% Arneis. Production Area: Agliano Terme. Exposure to Sunlight : South-East. Soil composition: sandy – marly. Rearing System: Guyot. Vineyard’s Age: 12 years old. Production per Hectare: 70 Ql/Ha. Grape Harvest Period: second decade of September. Vinification: direct selection in vineyards of the healthiest, ripest grapes, then collected in 20 kg crates. Soft […]

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