More or less intense straw yellow. If it is vinified on the skins, the wine has a full, compact golden colour, but is not very delicate in aroma; if it is vinified without skins, the colour is straw yellow with green reflections.

A delicate aromatic perfume that is not cloyey and is reminiscent of elder flowers, sage, yellow pepper, melon and banana.

A dry, nervous flavour, but at the same time elegant, caressing and velvety.

Alcohol Content
12,5% vol.

Suitable for:
It is excellent as an aperitif and goes well with spicy dishes that can compete with its aroma. Therefore, spicy first courses, cream soups and soups with aromatic herbs, blue cheeses and mild cheeses. It also goes well with freshwater or lagoon fish and skewered eel.

Best served at 8°-10°C.


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