The history of Vermouth begins in 1786 in the Marendazzo distillery in Turin. Here, distiller Antonio Benedetto Carpano discovered the unique qualities of the moscato grape, and decided to use the grape to produce an aromatized wine. Vermouth proved immediately palatable to consumers, particularly to women, and over time a bitter version was produced. For years, Vermouth was Turin’s aperitivo drink of choice before it reached international fame.

Today, Dogliotti 1870 wishes to help relaunch Vermouth in an homage to the great, classic drink of the past that shares many of Piedmont’s historical roots.
Vermouth 18/70 is an excellent expression of Dogliotti’s goal: with a base of Moscato d’Asti, which gives it an incredible aromatic profile and determines the natural residual sugar, they have added a new line of Vermouth to their products. The result is the fruit of decades of ever more refined experiementation in the cellar, a Vermouth that is faithful to Turin’s tradition but has a modern twist. The distinctive mark of the 18/70 is its natural sweetness, which comes from naturally-occurring sugars of the moscato. No sugars or colorants are added, and its alcohol grade is low.

The transparent glass bottle shows off the characteristic, bright golden tones of moscato. On the nose, it’s delicate, expressive, and elegant. Like a typical Vermouth, its aromatic notes mingle with spices and herbs, particularly absinthe; and light fruity, floral, and citrus notes. Tasting it is a continual evolution in sensations: it is intriguing and inviting. In the mouth, it’s rich and full-bodied. An initial sweetness is balanced with its fine, acidic structure and final bitter taste.
Vermouth 18/70 is perfect for aperitivo for its elegant, fine charactertics. Its flavors are exaulted both neat or on the rocks, garnished with lemon. It is also perfect for cocktails; the combinations are endless, from the classic Americano to the creative inventions of international barmen around the globe.

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