Cabernet Franc


Ruby red with a tendency towards violet, sometimes blood red if maceration is prolonged.

It has an intense, fruity bouquet when young. If aged, it evolves with elegant hints of vanilla, liquorice and spices.

Aggressive, aristocratic, full and with a good body; wild and characteristic in its herbaceous flavour when young.

Alcohol Content
13% vol.

To age
Low alcohol content and rich with acidity and tannin, this wine is excellent for ageing, even for 4-6 years. By doingso, it looses most of its young herbaceousness, it refines and becomes elegant and generous with great qualities, taking first place as a great wine.

Suitable for
It is a typical wine that goes well with red, grilled or barbecued meats or roasts…
In Friulian cuisine it is often served with salami cooked in onions and vinegar, hare salmì and stewed boar. Preferably served at 18°-20°C.

Preferably served at 18°-20°C.


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